Tutorial Page


1. Getting Started

Seamlessly integrate our Digital Signage Analytics application unto your digital signs by registering to our platform!


Through the Digital Signage Analytics app, you’ll be able to access a wide-range of insights on your target audience based on the raw and aggregated data of individuals viewing your digital signs.


Once registration is complete, you will receive an email with login credentials to the web platform and application. The password will be auto-generated and can be changed manually once logged in.


The application works by collecting information from your Digital Signage Analytics devices and aggregates this data to offer visual representations of your average viewers, their gender and age, and even their dwell time, through the applications UI.

Your platform link will be {username}.kanduai.ai/app.  (Click to view)


After you’ve logged in, click on the app icon to obtain an apk file with immediate authorization to our Audience Analytics application through our 14-day free trial.


2. Install the APK File

The APK file should be embedded directly into each Digital Signage Analytics device in order to connect the device with our system. It can be downloaded directly onto any Android video camera or through a computer.

Camera Download


Use the cameras UI (if available) to download the file link onto the camera.


Computer Download / USB Download

Download the APK file on your computer by clicking the file link provided through registration. Copy the file into a USB or SD card then connect it to the Android camera device and install!


3. Log In

Log in to the platform using your registration credentials.

login 2.png

Head to the ‘Devices” tab located at the top, center of the platform screen. Within this tab, you’ll find a plus icon (+) that allows you to add any device to the Digital Signage Analytics application system.


Supply the requested information about your Digital Signage Analytics device, like its location and name,


and you’ll receive a genuine QR code that should be scanned with the specific Android device that has the downloaded APK file.


4. Download the App

The Digital Signage Analytics app is automatically installed on the Android camera device once it successfully scans the QR code. You can scan the code through a computer screen, printed picture, or through a phone.


Once the device scans the proper QR code, it will be successfully connected to the platform and will make a sound to inform you that a connection has been made.


You will also receive a notification within the platform UI that the Digital Signage Analytics device has connected.


At this point, no additional steps are needed! Data will automatically begin streaming into the platform.

*Bonus *

5. Check the Status

The Digital Signage Analytics application will inform you if a Digital Signage Analytics device is no longer properly connected to the platform. Simply go to the “devices” page to view the current status of each of your connected devices. If the icon is green, the device is connected. If it is red, the device is not connected.

Contact us anytime for support inquiries or assistance.