What are the hardware requirements for properly installing the app on my digital sign device?

What operating systems are compatible with your app?

Does the app require constant internet connection?

Can the location of my digital sign impact the data streaming process from the digital sign device?

Can the app conduct audience analytics in the dark or when there’s glare? Are there any limitations in terms of light and darkness?

Does the app recognize and detect even when there are occlusions, such as a hand blocking a person’s face or a person is standing behind a shelf?

Questions & Answers for DS Analytics App

What is the maximum distance in which you can collect and detect my viewers and audience?

How many faces can you support or recognize in one frame?

How accurate are your predictions? What is the age range?

Is data generated only on individuals who look at the sign or also those who simply pass by?

Can you detect brands and other objects?

Is the data analyzed per digital sign device or camera?

Can I chose which time frame of data I want to see?

Can data be aggregated based on filtered or selected cameras? Can I group cameras together and only see the data from those?

How can I see data from specific cameras?

How often is the data aggregated (statistical data)?

Can I export the data?

Can I set up customized reports through the UI?

Can daily reports be sent to my email?

Do you have an API?

What is constitutes “dwell time” or “attention time”?

Can you recognize a person as a first time or returning customer?

Can the content on my digital sign change based on the viewer through the application?

What can I do with the insights that are gained through the aggregated data?

Do you have 24/7 support online?

What is your refund policy?

How many licenses can I purchase?

Do I need a license per digital sign device?

Where do I manage my devices, payment, and account info?

Can I integrate your app to my CRM?

Is your application safe and privacy friendly?

Are pictures, videos, data, or information regarding my customers sent to any third party?

Do you save personal customer information?

Do I need approval of my digital signage viewers to collect their data?

Do I need to let my customers know they are being filmed?

Are the predictions done by sending my data to the cloud?

Are you GDPR compliant?


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