Using Patent-Pending AI Technology to Deliver the Highest Level of Security

Our facial recognition solution protects your business from potential threats and attacks. Delivering a 99.98% accuracy rate, our technology is scalable and can adapt to any application and to any device. Secure your business using a state-of-the art and non-intrusive recognition software . 

A New Level of Security Intelligence

Use Cases

Critical infrastructure 

High security event

Security agencies

Easy to Respond

Real-time silent notifications makes it easier to approach suspects and resolve situations on the spot. 

Maximum Mobility

Promptly implement our solution in various and new locations as no preparation is required. 

Unmatched Accuracy

Attain the highest level of facial recognition accuracy through our Convolutional Neural Network and unique Architecture. 

Communication Agnostic

No need for network or mobile communication to work efficiently in any location. 


Real Time Analysis

Security measures running on edge devices without any network latency or quality loss. 

Maximum Privacy

No need for video recording or data storing. Get alerts immediately upon detection of a predefined suspect (black list) or unrecognized person (white list). 


Scalable to be used with silent alarms and pinhole cameras, allowing for a quiet and effective solution. 

Zero Footprint

Minimize COGS expenses by running analytics on Edge. No need for servers and large data centers. 

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