KanduAI Face Recognition SDK: Powerful & robust Facial Detection Solution

Face Detection SDK is capable of identifying physical characteristics, monitoring behavioural  responses, and documenting common patterns of every person in the area. Statistical demographics include age, gender, height, emotional reaction, bodily movements and more.


Face recognition SDK is a platform that essentially examines and interprets the situation in its surrounding environment. The Data produced is utilized by businesses to be thoroughly analyzed in order to put the detection’s insight into action. In advertising, facial recognition can be used to customize the content on the digital display and caters exclusively to the demands of the person who is viewing. 

Improve your Products with Facial Recognition 

Our face recognition SDK is catered to software developers creating AI-powered applications that provide real-time facial recognition from videos and stills. Track and monitor individuals in real time or analyze the demographics and behavior of shoppers. This SDK incorporates security intelligence and advanced analytics  into any of your applications or products. 

Facial Recognition Advertising will optimize marketing strategies and ensure maximum digital sign viewing potential keeping your advertisements profitable and rewarding. In retail, facial recognition can be installed throughout the store to determine customer demands and provide suitable recommendations. Product suggestions and relevant sales promotions will be presented to each customer based on their style and fashion choices observed by facial recognition as soon as they walk into the store. Personalizing the shopping experience with facial recognition will surely boost customer engagement and increase sales.

Use Cases

Security Cameras

Smart security cameras are ideal when executing large-scale protection for small businesses or large companies. Security cameras with facial detection remove the expensive requirement for trained security guards since the cameras will automatically detect and report unauthorized people or potential threats in real-time. Facial recognition cameras stationed all over the area will deliver immediate warning notifications to local officials when dangerous acts are censored. Therefore, facial recognition SDK for malls will notice threats much faster and more accurately than the human eye, thus allowing for a heightened level of security for customers during their shopping experience.

Smart Mirrors

Usually, trying on different outfits can be time consuming and frustrating for the consumer but with smart mirrors, shoppers will be able to look into the virtual dressing mirror to digitally try on different clothes and combinations exponentially quicker than ever before. Retail interactive mirrors will be capable of recognizing physical traits to provide fashion suggestions for the shopper while strategically including promotional store information. Smart mirror technologies will shift the in-store shopping experience from being overwhelming to convenient, captivating and cooperative.

Smart Air Conditioners

Smart air conditioners could prevent night sweats or shivers from ever occurring by adjusting the temperature based on the environment’s situation. Circumstances include whether individuals have their jackets on or if the temperatures outside are extremely hot. The smart air conditioners will continuously utilize smart energy management strategies ultimately saving money by knowing when cooling or heating is not needed. Everyday, inhabitants will experience comfortable sleeps and cozy lounging. Wi-Fi air conditioners can also change the settings accordingly when connected to weather projections on the internet.


Facial recognition and detection even after a change in appearance.

Analyze sentiments and body gestures.

Ability to identify demographics. 

POS Terminals

Facial recognition will revolutionize the structure and design of every point of sale terminal. There will soon be no need for barcodes as customers will encounter the most convenient experience with smart facial recognition technology for retail stores. Cashier-less face recognition will automatically detect, scan and charge customers for all types of products they are purchasing, including fresh or packaged goods. Manual barcode scanners can take time since they are unreliable and tricky, causing people to get frustrated in line. The use of smart checkout will produce waiting line optimization which improves customer satisfaction and management.

Digital Signs

Digital signage facial recognition will be able to provide highly accurate tracking of a viewer’s behavior and emotional reactions throughout the area. Facial expressions and behavioral analysis will reveal which displays are prominent most and where. Smart digital signage equipped with AI will be strategically placed in a location known to acquire maximum viewing capacity. Intelligent digital signage ensures constant attention by switching the exhibited content to cater the current viewer’s characteristics or if the reactions received were negative or inadequate.

Your App

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