The New Age of

In-Store Analytics

Our cutting edge technology enables brick & mortar stores to do what their online counterparts have been doing for years. Identify your shoppers, analyze their demographics, and pinpoint successful engagement tactics by incorporating our AI technology within your standard devices. Grasp how shoppers interact with your product. Use this information to cater your offerings to customers. 

KanduAI Analytics for Retail

Use Cases

A/B testing for displays with accurate results.


Recognize Shoppers

Easily adapt your message to shoppers by analyzing their demographics, including gender and age. Distinguish shoppers without difficulty as either first-time customers or returning ones.

Organize Your Store

Identify where customers are looking and which direction they go throughout their time in your store. Find out how they engage with your products and organize your store in the most effective way by spotting the busiest areas.  

Understand Interactions  

Learn how your shoppers interact with your products (sentiments, attention time, dwell time) and use this knowledge to improve your offerings.

Learn & improve effectiveness of your digital signs. 

Compare variant aspects of your different locations.

Measure your marketing campaign performances.