Digital Signage Analytics 

Embed a digital signage analytics application to improve your marketing business strategies and enhance overall user attention and audience comprehension. Marketing teams will be exposed to key insights that provide exceptional value with regard to their service or product.

Facial detection incorporated into a digital signage analytics application, monitors and extracts data based on displayed emotions, body gestures, and physical characteristics such as gender, age, and demographic. With this information, seamlessly alter your marketing approach to match the interest of consumers. 

Increasing Your Digital Signage Effectiveness

Easily increase ROI growth by implementing brand recognition on digital signage and ensure your favored viewers spot your engaging signs at the right place and the right time. Through facial detection, optimize marketing campaigns to perfectly complement your target audience. Obtaining copious amounts of data make it difficult to determine value, therefore a digital signage intelligent application system will work to categorize, sort and label necessary material relevant to your business. Intelligent digital signage with facial detection has the power to analyze and evaluate the continuous flow of information with accuracy and precision.
KanduAI Analytics uses deep learning technology to precisely segment and analyze your audience by gender, age, accessories and associated brands, while maintaining individual privacy. The system tracks their behavior and emotional reaction through attention time, facial gestures and body pose.

Digital Signage Analytics Advantages

Most Accurate Product in the Market 

With 99.8% accuracy and zero latency, our unique technology requires only 4% of resources needed by other solutions. 

Operates on Low Powered Devices

Our analytics solution works on low-power operated edge devices rather than heavy lifting servers.

Low Initial and Operational Costs

A high bandwidth and constant internet connection is not required.

Enterprise Ready

Equipped with plug and play installations and can be up and running in an instant. 

Intelligent Digital Signage Solutions To Optimize Your Marketing Efforts

Learn and improve the effectiveness of your digital signs

Optimize marketing campaigns using analytical results

Improve engagement by knowing exactly what your customers want. 

Count viewers and track their behavior, facial expressions, and body pose.

Digital Signage Analytics for Retail

Digital signage in retail stores has the capacity to recognize frequent customers passing by and update their ads to present personal and compatible promotions.


Based on consumer history evaluations done by a digital signage analytics application, the screen will catch the shopper’s eye and boost their purchasing desire.


Intelligent signs are capable of retaining statistical information on which location causes the most amount of attraction and attention. Naturally, retail owners will optimize their sign positions and guarantee a maximum amount of viewers to raise the customer growth rate.

Digital Signage Analytics for Banks

Ensure your banking customers are viewing advertisements that are relevant and useful for them by understanding who they are and what their needs may be.


As customers enter a banking facility, the Digital Signage Analytics application will identify their age and offer meaningful advertisements to the right audience.


Banking customers who are older in age can see advertisements for retirements plans, while younger customers, such as students or newlyweds, can view advertisements pertaining to long-term loans or discounts on mortgages. 

Digital Signage Analytics for Malls

Digital signage analytic applications consistently keep track of shoppers going in and out of the mall, making sure ads can display applicable information for those walking by it.


By detecting physical attributes, digital signs will exhibit suggested stores or sales based on the person’s style, age, gender, and emotions. As people head towards the food court, digital signs will make sure to reveal tasty food options to boost customer desires.

Once customers leave at the exit, digital signs will observe the bags they are holding and display products they might want to check out before leaving. 

Digital Signage Analytics for Hospitals

Digital signs are informative and interactive when placed in hospitals by explaining the location of specific wings or available slots for an appointment.


People tend to stay in waiting rooms for long hours whether it is to wait for your turn to see a doctor or wait for a loved one, therefore digital signs can be used as an educational platform for those in stand by. Using accurate detection of who is in the room, signs can portray healthy eating tips, medical innovations, drug facts, and medical procedure details.